Ralph and Russo/ Fairy tail

ralph-_-russo-ss16-look-01-thumb_1 ralph-_-russo-ss16-look-16-thumb ralph-_-russo-ss16-look-17-thumb ralph-_-russo-ss16-look-18-thumb ralph-_-russo-ss16-look-20-thumb ralph-_-russo-ss16-look-22-thumb ralph-_-russo-ss16-look-25-thumb ralph-_-russo-ss16-look-26-thumb ralph-_-russo-ss16-look-28-thumb ralph-_-russo-ss16-look-39-thumb ralph-_-russo-ss16-look-40-thumb (1) ralph-_-russo-ss16-look-45-thumb

Čim sam u časopisu ugledala haljinu iz najnovijije Ralph & Russo kolekcije, nisam mogla da odolim a da ceo post ne posvetim bajci koju ovaj brend stvara. Mislim da reči nisu potrebne, ove haljine su magija same po sebi.

As soon as I saw in a magazine dresses from the newest collection of Ralph & Russo, I could not resist to dedicate a whole post to a this  fairy tale such as this brand create. No words needed, these dresses are magic themselves.


source: https://ralphandrusso.com/


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