Busy saturday

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Not so important what I am wearing, but if you are interested to know :jeans/Zara   jacket/ Zara backpack/ Parfois sneakers/Converse 

Skoro 2 nedelje nije bilo nikakvog sadrzaja na blog, bilo je krajnje vreme za jedan post.Uglavnom hvala dragoj Brankici što mi je pomogla da imam ovako savršen outfit. Vreme, raspoloženje, društvo, jakna( koju verovatno nikad ne bih skinula) sve je podjednako doprinelo da slike ispadnu relativno dobro. Ja ću postovati koliko mi obaveze dozvoljavaju, da imam walk in garderober i slobodan maj i jun to bih sigurno radila svaki dan.

Almost 2 weeks there was no content on the blog, it’s about time for a post. Whatever, thank you dear Brankica for helping me to have such a perfect outfit. Weather, mood, company, jacket (which probably I  would never like to take off) all contributed equally for  photos to turn out relatively well. If I have walk in wardrobe and free May and June I would post every single day, but reality is a bit complicated so I will post as much as I can.

photo:Anđela Tešanović



7 thoughts on “Busy saturday

  1. beautiful! i’m obsessed with your sunglasses and backpack 😀
    instagram: the_ch1ara


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