Not cold at all

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Iako na prvi pogled nekima možda kombinacija deluje potpuno neusklađeno, kod mene je u  haromoniji obzirom da volim oversize stvari uklapati sa praktično “bilo čim“. Svakako da štikle na bosu nogu na 5-10 stepeni koliko je trenutno kod nas ne dolaze u obzir , ali kao ideja može da prođe.

Although at first look, some of you may thing this combo is totally inappropriate , for me it is fully harmonized. Fact I loveee to combine oversized sweater practically with everything. Certainly heels on barefoot at 5-10 degrees (how much is currently in Belgrade) don’t  come into consideration, but as an idea it may pass.

ph: Jelena Prodanović , Jovana Graovac


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